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I don’t have an iTunes or any sort of music library really, so I just took the next 10 songs on Pandora

Cake - Short Skirt/Long Jacket
Cage The Elephant - Judas
Daft Punk - The Game Has Changed
Paul Oakenfold - Switch On
Blue Stahli - ULTRAnumb
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
There For Tomorrow - A Little Faster
The Academy Is… - The Phrase That Pays
Story Of The Year - We Don’t Care Anymore
The Used - The Taste Of Ink

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You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you do for fun.

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What happened to Tumblr’s attempt at fourth wave feminism?
I don’t see any of that around anymore

What would a fourth wave look like to you? Because I’m just looking for all of the equality. 

  • Actively calling out transphobia
  • Denouncing the outdated feminist understanding of patriarchy as for men by men
  • Recognizing women’s power in today’s age and even historically and their contribution to the gender binary
  • Moving away from “the wage gap is based on discrimination” and instead actively fighting the root cause by encouraging more young girls to take on higher paying, more stressful jobs
  • Recognizing that the educational system in most countries actively caters to girls and fighting for more gender neutral changes
  • Moving away from the Duluth Model of DV and stop gendering DV as Violence Against Women
  • Denouncing NOW’s opposition to default shared custody, as many fathers cannot afford fighting for their kids in court
  • Actively distancing yourself from third wave feminism

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Meditation Treehouse. A great meditation spot about 12 feet up in redwood trees. Fresh mountain air and beautiful nature is all you need. Located in Boulder Creek, California, USA.

Treehouse book recommendation: Tree Houses You Can Actually Build: A Weekend Project Book (Weekend Project Book Series).

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this accurately describes my life.

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Stone and wood shack near Kemacher Peak in Innsbruck, Austria.

Contributed by Carmen Blauvent.


Has this been done yet?

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