Now define terrorism.

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If a 16 year old would want to adopt a child no one would give it to her because she isn’t 21 yet or not an adult or maybe too irresponsible.

So if a 16 year old is so irresponsible and not an adult yet so she wouldn’t even be allowed to adopt a child, then why would the government force her to get that child even though she might not want it?

Let’s talk about how logical the bill against abortion is now

50 shades of this

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If you’re picky about cosplaying your body type, then you’ll love this guy!

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when ur friend reblogs a shitty opinion but they’re ur friend


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Captain America: The Winter Soldier + trivia

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just in case there were any male partners out there not racked with jealousy and paranoia, the paper decided to tell us this

Male Contraception and Why It Is Bad For Women



There are talks of a new male birth control coming in 2017, and as a feminist I have to say I don’t like it.
Men will lie about having it to have sex with women without a condom, and then when she is impregnated, he will throw her to the ditch just like my father did.
I doubt men would even get the treatment, as it involves an injection into their precious genitals.
If we feminists accept this new contraceptive, unwanted pregnancies will go on the rise, and because abortion is frowned upon, or worse, illegal, those women will be stuck raising those children as single mothers.

Male contraception and why it is good for everyone

There are talks of a new male birth control coming in 2017, and as a feminist I have to say I love it:

  • It’s long lasting and as far as we know side effect free, unlikely female most female birth control.
  • It’s reversible.
  • No pill to remember so there it will probably be 100 % effective for it’s recommended time if it works as it should.
  • It’s likely more environmental friendly, one shot vs. 364 pills with the accompanying cardboard, plastic, aluminum and glue and transportation, over years the pills will keep eating resources but Vasalgel will just have the it’s creation, transport and shot.
  • It takes a step to make men equal to women, even in feminism you have to admit that not everything will be better if we always look to men as the standard.
  • Men have been paranoid about female birth control for years, now they don’t have to any more and gives them the right to choose if they wish to reproduce or not.
  • In feminism and pro choice movements we have a consensus “consenting to sex is not consenting to pregnancy” it would be hypocritical to say that women are the only ones this should be valid for.
  • Vasalgel is a better option than a paper abortion as it removes the concern about female bodily autonomy, as paper abortions ins some way or form  would make it mandatory to disclose pregnancy even if you don’t want to.
  • You still need to use condoms if you are with a new partner, as this will not protect against STDs. If he won’t use a condom, use a female condom or say no to sex.
  • Women will not stop taking their own birth control just because men can get a shot. Some will want to be responsible for their own sake, some won’t trust guys when they say they have the shot and some will continue to use birth control to regulate periods or help with skin problems.
  • It will most likely be an option for monogamous couples who either had enough kids as an alternative to vasectomy or where hormonal birth control is having and unfortunate side effects on the one using it.
  • Vasalgel can help control population growth, especially in areas where condoms and other birth control are costly or they and other birth controls are taboo because of religion (after the shot it’s invisible).
  • The formula for the injection is supposed to be dirt cheap.

To sum it up Vasalgel will:

  1. Secure men better reproductive rights.
  2. Benefit couples where hormonal birth control is a terrible option.
  3. Likely be cheaper than hormonal birth control in the long run.
  4. Likely be better for the environment than some forms of female birth control.
  5. Benefit families in developing regions if they already have had their share of kids.
  6. Be reversible, so if any one wants to have children later in life they can.

Sure there can be considered to be some negative sides, like a partner not wanting to have kid and not being able to trick him into having one by sabotaging your own birth control. Or someone having and saying they want kids later, but then changes their mind or no more honest “ops we got pregnant, but hey maybe the time is right” situations. I’m very afraid that something like this might happen to me, but that doesn’t stop me from supporting it when I see that it will be beneficial for millions of people.